Locketts is a family run business which was founded in 1984 by Richard and Belinda Greenly, their son Tom has now taken over the reins and it is run in conjunction with the photography business, Richard Greenly Photography Ltd.

We offer a large range of photo frames, traditional albums, leather albums, household and social books and many more presents and accessories.  We are proud to offer one of the largest ranges in the UK.

 We aim wherever possible to source our products from the UK.  Even today with many inexpensive items coming from the Far East, it is still very possible to find beautiful products that have been made in the UK and today at least 80% of our products are made in the UK.

Our aim has always been to supply a diverse range of very well made photograph frames and albums to suit all budgets and tastes. Nowadays our large range of albums and frames stands as proof of this policy.

Every year since our formation in 1984 we have tried to add new services and products to our range and today we and our parent company Richard Greenly Photography Ltd can supply the following additional services:-

  • Restoration of Old and damaged Photographs (click here to see more).
  • Copy and reproduction of photographs, slides, negative and glass plates (click here to see more)
  • Copying and reproduction of complete photograph Albums or individual photographs within albums.
  • Repairs to Old Photo Albums to include complete re-binding.
  • Production of one off bespoke albums to clients specifications (give us a call to discuss this further)
  • Design and production of computer generated photo albums.
  • Bespoke digital photo books to highlight a "life" or special occasion.
  • Bespoke frames for oils and photographs of any size.