Top Tips on how to design and create your own unique Gallery Wall

Have you ever wondered how you can create an elegant feature wall using your treasured Photographs and cherished art work? We share our top tips on transforming your favourite prints and photographs into a showstopping and completely unique Gallery Wall.


It can feel like an overwhelming task when considering style, colour palette, theme, and what will work well with the aesthetics of your home. The key is to start to consider what inspires you – a great way to brainstorm ideas is looking at Pinterest – where you can have a look at designs others have created and pick out colours and styles that suit your personal taste.


Your Gallery Wall is a bespoke representation of the things you love. Have fun with it! Variety is important as it will spark interest and create that ‘wow’ factor. You can consider variety in the prints that you choose, but also in the frames you select and how they are positioned. Do not feel as though you need to select frames of the same material, size or colour - using a mix of woods, styles, black and white, thick or thin, matted and non-matted finishes can create a truly special result. Consider a theme for your collection to bring your ideas together.


High quality prints are an absolute must-have to create a stunning Gallery Wall. Locketts use the finest archival lustre papers to ensure a perfect result that will last for years. A mix of photography and artwork works very well, we work with artists such as Violet Astor, Hannah Treliving and Riccardo Tosi but you can choose your own artist to feature in your Gallery Wall. Do not feel as though you must select timeless pieces, choose pieces that make you happy, what inspires you, what evokes positive emotions for you. The versatility of a Gallery Wall means that you can always change or add to your collection at any time.


A room with great natural light will certainly help to enhance your Gallery Wall, but to really draw attention you can consider additional lighting – such as wall sconces. This will highlight the individual characteristics of your collection making it the focal point of the room.

Time to get creative

It really is that simple to design a Gallery Wall tailored to your own personal taste that will create a sentimental and long-lasting impression in your home. 

Locketts makes it simple to create a stunning and unique Gallery Wall with our extensive range of beautiful frames and our Free expert printing service. Or if you want something even simpler our 7 Frame Gallery Wall can be customised with your own photographs online.